Love Muni, Hate Muni or Somewhere in Between? Let the SFMTA Know!

September 6, 2012

By: Dwight Smith

The SFMTA wants to hear directly from us about where we think they can improve.Have you ever been almost running late and then have a Muni switchback delay actually make you late? Have you ever been afraid of the overhead electric wires or your safety while riding Muni? Or what if an awesome driver made your day?

These are just a few recent user comments found from various online communities about the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Now the SFMTA wants to hear directly from us about where we think they can improve. According to an SFMTA press release earlier today, “the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which oversees all transportation in the city, including the Municipal Railway (Muni), is asking the public to help identify key areas for improvement by taking its online customer satisfaction survey.”

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As the seventh largest transit system in the country, the SFMTA moves over 200 million customers every year. Not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination. But even though Muni may still be slow (the slowest major system in the nation), they are getting faster on the uptake around user-engagement and new media tools like online surveys. So let them know what you think – check the survey out here.


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