SFMTA Considers Raising Parking Meter Fines

You’d never guess it by the number of parking officials on San Francisco streets, but parking ticket fine revenue is down $700,000 from projections due to a decrease in the number of citations issued. Now the SFMTA, is proposing to help close its projected $23 million budget deficit by raising parking ticket fines in San Francisco by another $3. 

Under the proposal, the fine for parking at an expired downtown meter would go up to $68, and the fine for parking in a street-cleaning zone would jump to $58. 

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While $3 may not seem like a lot - according to the Board of Supervisors’ legislative analyst, San Francisco is one the most expensive cities to park in the nation. San Francisco meter rates are the highest of any city for parking outside of a downtown area. San Francisco is matched only by New York in meter fines.

We all know we need to generate revenue to support important services like a reliable MUNI. But we should be investing in real solutions, like closing the political raid on Muni’s budget through a process called work orders.

Stopping Work Orders Would Close Muni Budget Gap

Three times in the last 12 years voters have shown their support for dedicated funding for the Municipal Railway and other transportation reforms. Yet despite this, Muni still faces continued budget deficits, due in part to the transfer of funds dedicated specifically for Muni to other city departments. This transfer is known in City Hall jargon as work orders. The last fiscal year's work orders from other departments to SFMTA were $66 million – that means $66 million of Muni’s money was taken by other city departments.

We don’t know about you, but these work orders don’t work for us. San Franciscans have already spoken out against the high cost to park in our city. San Francisco drivers should not be asked to supplement SFMTA’s budget.


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