Petition for San Francisco City Hall to Accept Your YouTube Testimony

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Opening Up City Hall to More VoicesReset San Francisco YouTube Video Testimony

City government is only going to be as good as the information it gets. And right now, most of the information it gets comes from about the same 1,000 people who have a specific self interest to come and lobby at City Hall.

So if we want a better MUNI, better schools, common-sense economic policies, cleaner streets and a cleaner government – we need to make sure more people have the chance to be heard.

That’s why the Reset San Francisco community is proposing a simple, free and ultimately very powerful way to open up government so more of us can have a voice at City Hall. And we need your help.

Help Us Allow YouTube Testimony

There is an absolutely free and widely available technology that could make a difference. We are proposing to ask every Board and Commission, including the Board of Supervisors, to hear YouTube Testimony on the same basis as regular public testimony.

So with YouTube Testimony, even if you work or are in school, or just can’t make it to City Hall – you still could be heard.

But many of us at Reset San Francisco feel more democracy, more voices, more chances for more San Franciscans to be heard will mean a more efficient and responsive city government.

Do you agree that more people should be heard?

Then please sign our petition. We will let city Boards and Commissions know that you want the chance to be heard.

Here are a few proposed details. We think the videos should be submitted by San Franciscans only. They should be two minutes. And at the beginning, we should have ten minutes of YouTube Testimony to see how it works.

We could make it social, so if more than five videos are submitted; the videos with the most “likes” would be played.

Using technology to open up government is just a start. And we need to remember that not everyone has Internet access or knows how to make a YouTube video. But it is a big leap forward from the system we have now.

Resetting local government will take many steps. Here’s a pretty big one. Let’s allow YouTube Testimony at City Hall.

If You Agree – Sign the Petition:
Yes – I want YouTube Testimony at City Hall!

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