Block Parties

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To whom it concerns Gay, Lesbian or Transgender,Bi and my apologies to any one I missed,
Look folks I live in a flat on Dore Alley. Ok yes I am your typical outspoken slightly overweight fellow with a receding hairline you got it American Sicilian. Yes I vote for gay rights. In fact CIVIL RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS as I see it.
What am I getting at ?
TOLERANCE . It has to go both ways and the nude men engaging in sexual conduct IN FRONT OF APARTMENTS WITH KIDS IS NOT RIGHT, STRAIGHT OR GAY. This happens every year at the “Up Your Alley” event. WHY PEOPLE ?? The S.f.P.D are no help. According to them on this day it is freedom of speach NO,NO,NO This venting essay is  freedom of speach. I would never make love to a woman in front of a gay couple’s home. I would not care if she was superfrgalisticexpealadoshis type of super model!!
This is the second year in my flat. The Second year I have had to put up with this.
Please I am even giving my home E-mail out to any generous person who can out of pure kindness explain or at least give me a idea of sort that is S.F CA politically correct.
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Fair Point

We definitely want to make sure people continue to have a great time in SF!  We are a fun city and welcome people from all around the world - but mutal respect is of course mutual!  We need to respect each other and some people do get carried away.  Who have you contacted in the City so far?  I have kids and I'm all for a good party, but you're right I wouldn't want people so something in my doorway which I didnt want them to see.

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