Earthquake Safety and Rallying for New Zealand

Today dozens of people were killed and hundreds trapped in an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. I hope that as a fellow city citizens extremely vulnerable to earthquakes, San Francisco citizens can rally to support New Zealanders during this crisis and renew their vows to practice good earthquake safety, i.e. ducking and covering and supporting good government building codes and regulations. MUNI and many other forms of transportation would be crippled by such a catastrophe so I hope that SF learns from this recent earthquake in New Zealand what steps we can take to have viable transportation routes during such a crisis.

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So Timely

SF Gate also just tweeted an article to find out if your house is on a fault line, inspired by the New Zealand tragedy. Prepare for earthquakes SF!!!!

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Earthquake Safety Fund

Article from California Watch claims that at least 7,500 school buildings have been classified as potentially vulnerable to earthquakes in the past year. California has $200 million set aside to improve earthquake safety, but overly restrictive rules prevent these schools from "qualifying" and accessing this money. The restrictions need to be reconsidered, and what recently happened to the rest of the world [Japan, New Zealand, etc] should serve as a wake-up call for California to focus on being prepared for a catastrophe.

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