Nightclub Violence

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The idea to assign an officer to each neighborhood specifically designed to act as a liaison to the specific clubs in the area is a good first start.  It has never been clear to me why when the clubs get out the officers are not there in force.

Having gone to nightclubs my entire life in many different cities - Miami, New York, Boston, D.C. to name a few, it has alway baffled me at the laid-back attitudes of the officers. Tourism (weekend toursim) and its counterpart, nightclubs, pay a big part in our local economy. Offending clubs should get little slack and the police department should step up its game to make club goers feel safer.

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North Beach

How about also requiring club promoters to register and weeding out ‘fly by night’ operators?  These operators often just look to make a quick buck and attract an unruly crowd that leads to this violence in the first place...

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

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