Political Message vs. Public Safety

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The LAPD recently announced that they will skip the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) in Arizona this year due to the City Council's boycott of the state over its controversial immigration law. Where do San Franciscans sit on this one? Does the political message being sent trump what good may come from increased LAPD helicopter training?


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What is the priority?

It's unfortunate to hear that LAPD would skip the ALEA because of Arizona's boycott. This really brings to mind if political motives [boycott] trumps public safety...

Should we overturn boycotts for the public benefit? The "easy fix" would be to schedule another ALEA somewhere else (at the same time of Arizona's hosting), which would support both the boycott of Arizona's anti-immigration law and the public welfare.

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Oh, LA

Z, switching locations is definitely not an "easy fix." And Matt raises a really great question. Are they really boycotting to send a bold message or is there an alternative political message? I think the City of Los Angeles has serious things to worry about. Didn't CNN report that they're bankrupt? That city is definitely crumbling. If we Reset San Francisco, maybe we can then Reset LA!
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Political Reasons?

I think there is another political reason going on here. LA officials are probably upset that Arizona is taking such a strong stance against illegal immigration and pushing the problem over to surrounding states such as California.

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