Ticket Bicyclists and Pedestriams

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Over the weekend I drove my car in order to help my cousin move into her new place and realized, I hate driving.  Driving gives you an opportunity to get from one place to another much faster.  It also gives you the opportunity to see up close pedestrian and bicyclists disregard for both their safety and a drivers sanity.

 I had people darting at clearly not crossable areas on the street.  Bike drivers not fully stopping at stop signs (much less red lights) and me nearly running them over.I get that both walking and bicycling are good for the environment but please if your going do either one be respectful and conscience of theirs and that includes drivers.  I think its high time that ticketing (fines) both jaywalkers and rogue bicyclists must happen, this would both deter bad habits and bring much needed money into the city.

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Please Ticket in SF

SF needs to start ticketing the bicyclists for sure. Many bicyclists complain about lack of respect from drivers, but constantly run red lights, cut into lanes and the worst, don't wear helmuts!

Now we are expanding our bike lanes all over the City, it is time to get serious about proper bike rules.

At a minimum, they should be required to wear a helmut and if not, ticketed for that.

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Couldn't agree more.

It seems ridiculous that bike riders wouldn't think about adhering to the rules of the road.
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Not only is it a public

Not only is it a public safety issue, but it is also a traffic flow and environmental issue!  If drivers must keep stopping unexpectedly because of jaywalkers, then they must use up more fuel and emit more exhaust due to all the stops.  Furthermore, these unexpected stops caused by jaywalkers could lead to accidents!

As a bicyclist and more often a pedestrian, I am annoyed at how unsafe some people can be!  I understand that there is the right-of-way law, but at the same time, I think that we all need to be respectful and considerate, too.  We pedestrians cannot assume that drivers will always stop for us.  We cannot assume that they will always see us, so we must take the proper precautions, such as using crosswalks, to keep everyone safe.

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I'm all for enforcing bike

I'm all for enforcing bike traffic laws (please more tickets to those who run red lights, run into pedestrians, etc.), but I can't say I'd be happy if I got a jaywalking ticket.  Maybe it is a double standard, but I believe I'd be irate if I actually got one in SF.  It just seems a waste of police officer time to ticket pedestrians. 

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