Violence on MUNI normal?

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I read this article ( with real concern today. First and foremost because any story of violence on MUNI has the potential to impact all who ride MUNI and second because of the apathy this story seems to present. The teen who said fights are "pretty normal" is representative of what happens when problems are ignored for too long; they simply become part of life. It shouldn't be that way, though. The City needs to make this a priority. While it may be too much to ask for MUNI to assemble their own police force in the manner that BART has police, it shouldn't be too much to ask of City Hall that they get the MTA and Police Department in the same room to sit down and come up with some concrete solutions. I'm not talking about temporary fixes that last for a few days and then disappear, but real, substantive, permanent solutions to this horrible problem. The longer we wait, the more "normal" it will become. Shame on our city if we're letting 18 year olds riding the bus get stabbed within an inch of their life simply because there isn't proper protection. I'd be interested in getting some feedback on what other people think.

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Comstat numbers

Do you know if the SF Comstat system keeps track of crime by bus line? That would be interesting to see.


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Doesn't seem like it

Went through the Compstat website and didn't see anything about bus lines or busses in general. Would be great for them to do that however. I think that could play a role in what I suggested earlier about having MTA and the PD working closer together to fight this seemingly growing problem. I know that MTA is constantly fighting budget deficits and I can only assume that ridership will DECREASE if passengers don't have guarantees that everything is being done to protect them.

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