What to do about the rampant car vandalism? Break-ins, smashed windows, stolen stereos...

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I've lived in SF for eleven years, in Hayes Valley for six, and I can't count the number of times I've seen cars with smashed windows and/or the leftover piles of glass on the sidewalk. My own car has been broken into at least four times that I can remember offhand. Vandalized, rifled through, multiple car stereos stolen, gear shift broken in the process, etc, even after I kept my car completely empty inside. Finally I sucked it up and shelled out for a garage space at over $200/month.
What is the appropriate response to this chronic crime? I see broken glass on my own block so often that I'm considering installing cameras in my apartment windows to try to catch people in the act. I know, it sounds crazy, borderline invasive, and a lot like a long shot. Is there any more effective course of action a concerned (and fed up) citizen can pursue?

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