A 21st Century City

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I think Phil is right - San Francisco can lead the 21st century, but we have a 19th century governing structure. We need to modernize our City Charter to fit the needs of contemporary times. And I think that technology can play a major role, especially because we're already leading the nation in terms of biotech, green tech and web 2.0 media!

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Wireless city

What ever happened to public wireless throughout the city? This would be good for us all, especially for those who don't have their own broadband connection.

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 I agree  - I'd love to have

 I agree  - I'd love to have access to public wireless. Its one of those small things the city can do to improve the lives of its residents and just make everyone's day a little better. SF is truly a great place to live, but we can always make it better.  

We're in the 21st century, and it's about time government started using technology and new innovations to improve communication and overall efficiency in their operations. There are so many technological tools out there, so why is city gov still bogged down in endless piles of paperwork, jumbled websites and overcomplicated bureaucracy?

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Wireless spots

I just wanted to thank all the local shops that provide free wireless in their stores. (And it really does help business! I don't see many people coming inside a cafe, sitting down for hours, and not buying anything.)

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While we passed support for free wifi all over the city, we were not able to implement a plan because the Mayor and the Board were not able to agree on how to do it, so it never happened.  We do have individuals who have open internet portals throughout the cities through Meraki or simply not protecting their wifi networks.  The City has installed wifi in most of their public housing projects.  We are looking to provide wifi in City Hall in the Assessor - Recorder's office which would also allow the rest of City Hall to have wifi as well.  Do you think that would be a good use of City resoruces?

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Why no Wifi?

I think providing Wifi in City Hall is a start. And, the natural next step is to expand citywide. I am, however, interested in knowing what the issues were between the BoS and the Mayor that lead to the demise of San Francisco wifi. I was unable to dig up any articles on the matter online.

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