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fitflops <a data-cke-saved-href=" src="" title="fitflops" width=" href=" />fitflops one?The pink is minimal, the illustrations are eye-catching, and the message is clear: There is a certain pink jacquard shoulder-padded romper with a plunging neckline that I am dying to wear.You don't have to play the helpless princess!I don't know when pop culture collectively decided that it would be hilarious to put disembodied mustaches on everything, but from twee ModClotch mustache-print Fitflops canada to people who actually have a cartoon mustache tattooed on the side of their index finger so it's just absolutely hilarious when they hold it up to their top lip, this has got to stop.But when our portrait session day arrived, we had insane amounts of snow the night before Fitflops canada and Mr. Fitflops canada have had secret discussions about a future collaboration. I was a little bummed. So instead we decided to take a few wedding portraits on our bikes.Nope, can't imagine that at all.

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