Mid-Market car restrictions

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There's been an on-going traffic experiment which started Sept. 29 as a six-week test with forced right turns for eastbound cars at Sixth and Eighth streets. But in November, SFMTA extended the test indefinitely and expanded the private car ban west to 10th Street.  Merchants complain that it has hurt business by making it more difficult to get to mid-Market - while bicyclists really like it.  


Personally, I like the idea even though as a driver, I'm even more annoyed going down Market St.  Market St. is impossible to navigate in the first place, and maybe this can create a space for the pedestrian community to grow.  

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Let's Keep Mid-Market for Pedestrians, MUNI and Bicyclists

I used to work at Market btwn 5th and 6th.  As a driver, I would avoid Market at all costs - it was always congested and the traffic flowed poorly.  As a biker, I fell on Market due to traffic and the MUNI tracks.  As a pedestrian, walking Market from 6th to 8th is actually a nice walk which would be made better if we didn't have so many boarded up buildings.  SF took a bold step to give something a try.  What has happened is San Franciscans have started taking over Market btwn 6th and 8th.  The street is much more plesant, less chaotic and will only be made better as more economic development occurs in the Mid-Market area.  We should continue to keep Market closed to cars and open to pedestrians, bikers and MUNI.  We may even want to keep going further down and see how it goes.

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