Sharing POSITIVE Experiences

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I was on BART this morning and I overheard a great conversation. These two women - strangers - were talking about how much they enjoyed riding BART, how convenient it is and how happy they are San Francisco has it. They shared stories and departed from each other's company just as quickly as they met.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the San Franciscans could unite around POSITIVE experiences rather than complaining or sharing horror stories?

If we worked around making our city better, we can truly unite our community. I too enjoy BART. I ride it everyday.

Has anyone else had a similar positive experience in SF?

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I heart BART!

Recently I posted on my Facebook page "I love BART" I didn't realize the responses from friends would be so positive.  Those in L.A. were saying that they wished public transit was as easy to access as it is in the Bay.  

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