shutting down the Haight recycling center

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What do you think about shutting down the 36-year-old recycling center in Golden Gate Park?  It's operated by the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council next to Kezar Stadium leased to the nonprofit group.  They're looking at incorporating a native plant nursery or turning it into a new community garden or other uses.  Critics say the recycling center is bad for both the neighborhood and environment - by encouraging crime and people to raid neighborhood bins and drive the materials to the center.  While I see some potential downsides, overall, I think it's been worthwhile to keep the center there to encourage recycling...

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No longer needed

I lived on Cole Street from 1984 to 2000 and I remember the recycling center very well.  It was always controversial citing the raiding of trash cans, weekend traffic in the area, etc.  But, back when it was first there people who wanted to recycle had fewer options.  Yeah, you could stack your newspapers into a bundle and tie it with twine for collection with your trash, but that was pretty much it.  Any recycling of metal, glass, etc. had to be done at a recycling center, so I was there every month or so dropping of stuff.

But that was then and this is now.  We now have both blue and green recycling bins for every residence, and the blue bin can be used for paper, plastic, glass, cans, etc.  The need for the Haight Ashbury Recycling center is, for all practical purposes, obsolete.

I think a community garden or nursery would be great for the neighborhood. 

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Some people might be angered

Some people might be angered by the decrease in their ability to redeem the CRV fees they were charged when they bought bottled products.  Then again, maybe this can push people toward not buying so many bottled drinks.

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