Tourism Spending

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Good news: Tourism is up on the rise. Bad news: the revenue generated remains flat, which means a more crowded city with no additional benefit. Tourists (mainly European) are becoming smarter, and spending less from hotels to meals. While tourist is up for international conferences, cruises near SF are down. What's worse is staff is being cut down as well.

How do we encourage tourists to spend more?

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Clean up the city

There are several reasons why tourism is down, but one reason is that we have a dirty city with tourists being offended by panhandlers, homeless people, public urination and worse, puke on the streets, gum on the sidewalks, and the list goes on.

I travel a lot and when I tell people where I live they frequently comment on how they visited San Francisco but felt uncomfortable with the panhandling and the dirty streets.  And they don't plan to come back again.

If SF wants to be a world class destination it needs to do something about cleaning up the streets and getting rid of the panhandlers, druggies, drunks, etc.  And, I might add, those of us who live here and pay taxes would appreciate it too.

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