MUNI's Incentive Based Behavior

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The increase in customer relations from the driving staff of the MUNI buses I have witnessed in the last few months won't be there if the reform package is defeated.  During the last few weeks I have seen what appears to be a concerted effort to treat riders in a better way.  Perhaps it is so the public can just forget about the terrible abuses so they don't vote for reform in the upcoming election.  It is my understanding the reform would call upon a greater amount of performance rather than a guarantee to be the second highest paid transit workers in the nation.  In regard to the ballot measure, please don't forget the drivers may actually be treating the riders in a better way right now, but that if they are it may also be based upon an incentive -- this time to defeat the measure.  Pay attention to how the drivers treat riders with questions and comments, if the driver opens the door early to let a passenger exit more conveniently, and and also how often drivers leave passengers now leave riders stranded behind a door that has been closed prematurely.  This kind behavior is sure to end if the ballot measure is defeated.

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whose to blame ?

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