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As a civically engaged citizen, I like to think that I keep myself aware of this city's policy developments and political happenings. However, by doing so I have found that I am often so consumed in what I feel could be improved and I forget the unique aspects of San Francisco that make this city such an enjoyable place to live. In order to force some awareness upon myself, I've decided to start a little list of some of my favorite things about San Francisco:

1.) I love that I can take an express bus to work every morning. 

2.) I am a huge fan that there are a large amount of coffee shops in this city that brew the beans of local, small batch coffee roasters.

3.) There must be as many philanthropic opportunities as there are bike racks in San Francisco- I love that this city cares. 

4.) Parks. Golden Gate, Buena Vista, Dolores Park, Crissy Fields... for a city shoved into 7x7... we have a lot of green space to enjoy.

5.) RECYCLING. Glass, plastic, cardboard - it all goes into the same blue container....could it get any easier?

6.)  2 Words: FARMER'S. MARKETS.

7.) San Francisco is an incredible international hub- speaking to matters beyond resident demographics, there is a lecture, symposium, or panel discussion going on every night of the week throughout the city featuring movers and shakers from across the globe.

8.) Food. San Francisco has embraced the Farm to Fork Revolution... and with our selection of sushi, curries, burritos, eggs benedicts, causas, bratwurst, crab, fresh pastas, local produce, Korean tacos, and Ike's sandwiches... the flavors (and options) never end.

9.) Architecture. Not only is our skyline stunning, but around every corner there seems to be a house, structure, or building worthy of a full page spread in Architectural Digest.

10.) The Giants, (yes, I represent the World Series bandwagon).

11.) The Arts. Dance, theater, live music, galleries, and museums- with ticket prices ranging from "free admission" to "thousands of dollars" the entire city is able to appreciate the creativity of the artistically inclined. 

I would love to hear the San Francisco favorites of others in the RESET community, (I just might like one of your favorites so much that I add it to my list).

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