Proud to be a Foodie!

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Hey all!

I am so excited about both SF Favorites and the Arts and Culture page on Reset San Francisco! These are the fun one guys so start chatting away.

Seriously, San Francisco is an amazing city; just take a minuet to think about all the fun and exciting things this city has to offer. I haven’t lived here long but I already have a growing list of activities I enjoy. What makes me happiest about this city is knowing that there are endless possibilities. Some of the things I love about SF are its eclectic culture and vibrant music and art scene. When I get a day to myself, and its not raining I love to go to my old hood, Alamo Square and lay in the park with some friends and try to catch some rays. I also enjoy going vintage clothes shopping which has become this new thing I know can’t imagine living without; as well as antiquing, there are many stores that keep you sifting through treasures all day! Just check out Haight Street and you’ll know what I mean.

I also frequently check out new and classic bars and restaurants, but doesn’t everyone it seems like? Speaking of food places the word “foodie,” that is a phrase I had never heard of before moving to the City. Foodie, “I thought what is that?” This city practically breathes them thanks to the wonderful culinary geniuses that reside here.

 Some of my SF foodie hangouts, just to a name a few:

PLANT CAFE on Chestnut @ Steiner! Velo Rouge Café has the best breakfast burritos, Reverie in Cole Valley for Sunday brunch, any and all Farmers Markets, love me some Mas Sake, Pho Clement, Cultive for those late night fro-yo cravings, and I can’t say enough about Papalote Mexican restaurant— it’s right by my school how could I not go there all the time? If your craving cheap good eats go to Off The Grid, it’s a fast growing local street food culture with live music and great food located at various street corners and recently back at the Fort Mason parking lot on Friday nights.            

Ladies if you want to win his heart take him to both “Bourbon and Branch” which has a wide verity of different types of whiskeys and brandies; it literally looks like an old speakeasy inside with rows and rows of old books and Whisky on the shelves and an old musky smell, really makes you feel like your in the 1920s during the Prohibition era. Also go to Rosamunde Sausage Grill, enough said. Local concert venues I love are the Mezzanine, Great American Music Hall, The Warfield, and Slims.

I’m going to leave you with this; SF politicians just need to remember the history that is San Francisco. The 60’s and 70’s youth movement still hovers over this city; when I’m in Golden Gate Park and I hear a man playing music I imagine what is was like in 1965 when artists like Jimmy Hendrix and Jerry Garcia were still alive making wonderful music in the Bay.  SF is a wonderful city and it should never lose its vibe. So help to keep it funky, keep it unique, and keep it free.


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Loving food in San Francisco

I'm proud to be a foodie too! I actually love looking at these sites because they're so much fun:

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