ULTIMATE SF favorite restaurant

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Ok, so I might have hyped it up a bit now, but I don't care. My absolute cure-all for insane workloads, workplace blues, anything and everything, is Shabu House in the Outer Richmond (It's worth it, get out there.) Honestly, one steaming bowl of spicy miso broth, a large combo plate (kobe beef + lamb), and my particular sauce mixture makes my entire week melt away. Comes with veggies, rice, udon, tofu, mushrooms, and ice-cream too. Add a sake flight—or two or three—for an extra tough week.

What is YOUR edible, munchable, devourable pick-me-up?


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a few of my favorites

Favorite Chinese - Spices I and II off Clement on 6th and 8th Ave is one of the only places I will take my parents to eat.  Yes - there is a ton of spicy food but there are plenty of other options for people like me who can barely handle one pepper.


Favorite Burrito - Pancho Villa 16th by Mission - this is probably one of the most debated topics in SF.  I know a few places get the best burritos but of all the places, this is still my favorite.  If I lived near the Mission, I might be there at least once a week.

Pizza - The Pizza Place on Noreiga St - Quick shout out for a place in the Sunset.  This place opened a few years ago and took over a historic deli - Dean's Deli.  Its surpassed everyone's expectations.  It's flat crust pizza at its best with the right combo of cheese and tomato sauce - Check it out.

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Pancho Villa is very GOOD

I enjoy having meals here.

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