Solar Panels are the Way to Go

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Solar panels seem to be like an important investment for the city. Why not cover our roof tops and harness the power of the sun?

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I agree!

Solar panels seem like a simple solution with real results.
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it would be worth it

especially when you think of how much sun we get

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$2billion dollar investment in solar companies

US commits $2 billion to solar energy. Read this story.

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Solar all the way

It's a simple solution to a complex problem. And it would save the city so much money.

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Yea, Ben. I totally agree.

Yea, Ben. I totally agree. From President Obama visiting Solyndra in Fremont to more cities creating incentive programs, solar energy seems like a viable solution to weaning our dependence on foreign oil.

An anecdote: have you seen this cool map?

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SF reups GoSolarSF

SF has recommitted $5 million for the next fiscal year to GoSolarSF.  This is great, but what else can we do to increase solar in SF.

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Great idea, but...

The concept is great considering all of the rebates and initiatives to jump-start the movement, such as PACE, but just how effective are solar panels in SF? The other issue lies with the fact that this is for the environment and if we should take advantage of the rebates (while they last). Regardless, solar panels would save the city much needed money and the environment.

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I don't think investing in

I don't think investing in solar panels is a good idea for SF because the weather is too cloudy.  

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I Support Solar - I even have it on my house


I originally posted this under Wind farms - my mistake - so here it is where it belongs....  

First of all, I put solar panels on my roof over 10 years ago.  I'm very happy.  I still pay for gas, but my electricity only runs about $6.00 per month to be connected to the grid.  Awesome!  Oh, and by-the-way... solar panels DO work in the fog, just not as well.  Ever gotten a sunburn on an overcast day?  The sun is still there even if it is cloudy. 

Several years ago I presented a paper to the BOS recommending that building and planning laws be modified to require installation of solar or wind generation on all new buildings or major remodels.  An alternative would be that the builder could waive the installation by paying a fee/fine in the amount of the cost of such installation.  Money from fees/fines would be available to provide ZIP loans to property owners wanting to install wind or solar.

Next I proposed that homes/buildings with solar/wind generation be given a property tax credit on their tax bill that goes with the property including when the property is sold.  Thus, owning and selling a property with renewable energy has a long term payback for both the owner and for the new buyer - much as a remodeled kitchen or bath adds to the value of a home, solar or wind would increase the value for current and future owners.

I also suggested that in as much as we have a mandated 1% requirement for Art for public buildings, we should be able to easily change that requirement from 1% for Art to 1/2% for Art and 1/2% for renewable energy.

And of course, every "Big Box" building - Costco, Lowes, Hotels, Shopping centers, skyscrapers, parking lots, etc. should be required to have solar/wind generation on their roofs in order to get a building permit. 

Interestingly enough, there are still some people who think solar panels are ugly and shouldn't be seen.  Silly.  I am sorry no one can see my panels - I'm proud of them.  We need to foster a culture that looks at solar panels as an attractive addition to a roof.  Public perception can be changed!

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