Why not add short run busses from North Beach through Chinatown to Market St?

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It seems to be an easy remedy for the congestion on Stockton St. especially for downtown bus riders. Have all day jitneys running back and forth to take the load off of the complete route busses.

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Always wonder...

  1. This post has been there for 3 days. And no comment. I feel obligated to agree with your "suggestion" which seems to us  "layman" to be a simple solution. I have the experience of riding the 30/45 from North Beach to Market St, everytime it is packed.  Maybe the people in power think that the Chineses in chinatown are used to the crowd condition; maybe the people in power think that is a "memorable" experience for the tourists.  Your suggestion seems to be a reasonable one. But I doubt the people in charge of  MUNI will do it. I bet you even have sent your suggestion via the official MUNI website.  We have "silence" from MUNI when a reply is required; all the other noises to cover the real issuses.

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