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Law enforcement using smart technology to apprehend criminals

Smart Phones, Smart Cops

Police in Santa Clara are using smartphones to apprehend criminals more efficiently than ever before. Standard issue for cops in DC now includes iPhones and Toughbooks. But San Francisco police are still making due with the equipment of the past. So what, pardon the pun, is the hold up? Smart technology is invaluable to modern criminal investigations.


Could a SimFrancisco Help Reset City Government?

We spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games – many of these hours in cooperative teams of online game players. What if those people were engaged in trying to figure out how to make Muni run on time, make our schools even better or put San Franciscans back to work? What if we turned our most pressing social problems into games, and turned the energy of millions of gamers towards finding the best solutions?


Closing the Amazon Loophole

Closing the tax loophole would mean up to $1 billion in new state revenue, while helping to level the playing field for California’s small businesses. These loopholes are also costing San Francisco millions in lost sales tax revenue and damaging local businesses, who must compete against the big online retailers that charge no sales taxes.


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