Muni (streetcar) needs to run on an (accurate) schedule, adjusted based on demand

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I find the streetcar very convenient IF all goes well.  it often does NOT "go well."  

I have a couple of specifics that need to be fixed:  

1) the various lines need to run on a schedule, one you can count on.  It's moderately useful to know the trains run 20 minutes apart -- would be BEST if I knew the line stops at my nearest station at :02, :22, and :42 after the hour.

2) to facilitate #1 -- traffic lights should be changed/synched so a Muni streetcar NEVER has to stop at a traffic light to wait for people WHO ARE IN THEIR OWN CARS.  delaying the public transit to allow individual cars to go through the light is odd.  

3) the schedule of trains needs to adjust based on demand -- for instance:  getting people to Caltrain after work, getting people to and from the baseball game.  those trains are STUFFED and don't run any more often than at other less busy times of day.


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