Eliminate the Use of Plastic Bags

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San Francisco currently has a law that bans plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacy chains. What if we extended this legislation to apply to retail clothing chains? This would further the goal of eliminating the use of plastic bags throughout the city and be a great next step to add on to the existing legislation.

What if we created a law that made stores like H&M and Gap charge for plastic bags or a law that restricted their use entirely in chain retail stores? Or what if retailers were required to offer an option to single-use bags by making tote bags available for purchase? This could be a win-win for everyone—retailers can make a profit from selling branded reusable tote bags, consumers can make a fashion statement while taking a stance on sustainability and the city reduces its unnecessary waste. Alternative bags that fold up into 3x4 in. pouches are becoming popular as they can easily be fit into a backpack or purse and be at your disposal, without being disposable.

Paid for by Phil Ting for Assembly 2012. FPPC ID# 1343137