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With a lagging economy, vital public services in jeopardy and a relentless budget crisis, we must find innovative revenue solutions to our city budget challenges. Half-solutions and short-term measures will no longer plug the gap.

Whether it's closing the corporate loophole in Proposition 13 or using technology to make government more efficient, the Board of Supervisors needs to approve a balanced budget while ensuring our vital services remain funded and flourishing. 

Can I get the minutes for a Sunshine board or commission meeting?

Yes, you can find the minutes for a Sunshine board or commission meeting on the City’s website at


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Can I get a copy of the tape of the Sunshine board or commission meeting?

Yes, although you may be required to pay for your own copy of the tape. If you wish to merely listen or watch the tape of the meeting, you may do so at no cost. 


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How can I send a complaint to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force?

You may fill out a Complaint Form online here, or you may send your own letter to Sunshine Ordinance Task Force at:

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl., Room 244,
San Francisco CA 94102-4689

You can also fax your complaint at (415) 554-7854.

Are there any documents I cannot request through the Sunshine Ordinance?

The California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance state that departments may keep the following records private:

Home telephone numbers, Social Security numbers,personnel records, medical records, documents protected from disclosure by the State Constitutional Right to Privacy, documents that are subject to the attorney client privilege, Trade secrets, certain law enforcement records, records protected from disclosure by state and federal laws


How long does the San Francisco city department I contacted have to respond to my Sunshine request?

The San Francisco city department through which you submitted your Sunshine Request has 10 days to respond. However, if you requested several records, or any records that are located in off-site storage or throughout several different offices, the department can extend its response time to 14 days since the initial request.

What city departments does the Sunshine Ordinance apply to?

The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance can only be applied to agencies, commissions and boards that have been established by the City Charter or by Ordinance or Resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors. Other organizations do not have to comply with the Sunshine Ordinance.

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