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Cell Phone Democracy: Legalizing Texting Donations to Campaigns

Now, even cell phones can be used as a campaigning tool. California is about to become the first state to allow citizens to text donations to local and state campaigns. 

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learn from others who've been there-done that...

In a city that attracts some of the most successful people in the WORLD, R.E. prices will be high; its a fact of capitalism.  For the rest of us, SF could look to Singapore who has the same problem 5Xfold.  What they've done is create a  government-owned housing system that works under the free-market system, but down-shifted the price points to match the incomes of the average Singaporean. 

From what i've seen, it think their model is the best way to preserve capitalism and people's dignity without becoming a socialist state.

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Business Tax Reform 2.0 - Fostering Growth and Keeping Companies in San Francisco

The explosive Twitter tax break war viscerally demonstrates San Francisco need serious change in the way we are attracting and retaining companies (tech and non-tech). But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Data finds more Americans getting political information from Internet

From Howard Dean to Barack Obama, we’ve seen how the Internet is changing how politicians run campaigns. Now new data from The Pew Internet and American Life Project only confirms the trend – the majority of Americans are now using the Internet to become involved in campaigns.

Breaking the Code

Reset San Francisco innovative QR Code

How many times have we walked down the street, seen a government sign or posting and asked the question – “What’s going on here?”

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