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Concessions in Parks (Again)


The San Francisco Examiner reports again on “neighbors” being irked by food concessions in local parks.

As the article points out, it is not really neighbors who make most of the noise but local businesses that fear competition.

Food for Thought - RSVP Today!

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Food for Thought - Bring your ideas, and we'll bring the food!

All over the world and here in San Francisco, faster and more effective ways of connecting, learning and creating are being adopted. San Francisco is right in the center of this new revolution of creativity and productivity. Shouldn’t our city government be as creative and innovative as the rest of our city?

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Not So Happy San Francisco

What's the deal with the city's ban on happy meals.  While I agree with the reasons behind the ban, mainly health concerns for children and reducing the city's health care costs, I feel that this is a bit too much like "big brother," and that people should be able to make their own decisions about what food they eat.  If the city's so concerned about this, why don't they work on getting poorer sections of the city more access to grocery stores and subsidize organic/local foods?  Thoughts?

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No more housing is needed.  In public housing, upgrading is definitely needed, and I support that.  I do not support increasing density by tripling it such as in Rebuild Potrero.  I don't know whether the other housing projects are increasing the density by so much, but they should not be.  Increasing density in our limited space increases social tensions, strains city services (for which we are ill equipped to pay) and increases traffic to undesirable levels.  Cut back on this density increase now.  That will avoid further strain on city services, avoid

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Marijuana Legalization


It's your chance, choice, and say that matter if we should legalize marijuana in San Francisco.
Now that marijuana has been formally endorsed by San Francisco's Democratic Party, what are your opinions?
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Commercial Property Taxes

Commercial property values have not increased proportionately in value compared to residential properties.  San Francisco is already a very expensive city to do business and we've lost so many businesses who have migrated to less expensive locations.  Instead of focusing on shifting the tax burden to businesses, we must create incentives to make San Francisco a more competative and business friendly environment.

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Should we do away with Supervisor term limits?

I propose we do away with term limits for Supervisors. Although Alioto-Pier was a slightly different issue in that she said she shouldn't have her first partial term counted (, today's decision brings up the issue that we're getting rid of quality public servants too fast. I think we should let the voters keep who they want and throw out ineffective pols.

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