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With a lagging economy, vital public services in jeopardy and a relentless budget crisis, we must find innovative revenue solutions to our city budget challenges. Half-solutions and short-term measures will no longer plug the gap.

Whether it's closing the corporate loophole in Proposition 13 or using technology to make government more efficient, the Board of Supervisors needs to approve a balanced budget while ensuring our vital services remain funded and flourishing. 

What is the Jobs Now!3 program?

Jobs Now!3 is a wage subsidy program in San Francisco that provides work opportunities to low income individuals while creating an incentive in the form of a wage reimbursement for employers to take on new hires. The program in San Francisco is based off of President Obama’s stimulus package, which saw so much success our city decided to try it here.

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SFMTA and union close the deal, now it's up the union members


On Wednesday, the vote over new Muni contracts between SFMTA and the Transport Working Union Local 250-A, a 2,200-member union, comes after more than four months of negotiation. The new contract states that overtime can only happen after a minimum of forty-hours and freeze in wage if an operator’s license is not valid.

Proposition G, which was passed last fall, gives more power to SFMTA to help control the second highest wage for operators in the nation.

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Business Tax Reform 2.0 - Fostering Growth and Keeping Companies in San Francisco

The explosive Twitter tax break war viscerally demonstrates San Francisco need serious change in the way we are attracting and retaining companies (tech and non-tech). But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Is San Francisco's "Hire Local" Policy a Good Idea?

A "hire local" policy that requires 50% of all jobs on city-funded construction projects to go to San Francisco residents has been in effect for a month. Contractors that fail to meet the minimum requirements would be fined. Those that exceed them would receive financial bonuses.

The goal is to keep San Francisco taxpayer funds within the local economy, and make it easier for unemployed San Francisco residents to secure construction work.
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Paying Businesses to Hire Unemployed Residents


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A Literary Revival

San Francisco's independent literary culture is on the rise.  Open mic nights around the city give writers the opportunity to share their talents with all San Franciscans.  One such venue is at the Portuguese Artist Colony, where writers are given 10 minutes to write a short story on a given topic.  

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From shoe-strings to bootstraps in SF

One of San Francisco's finest achievements has been its leadership on wage ordinances. The city's living wage requirements are better than any other city in the country. The living wage is set at $11.54 per hour. Thus the city formally recognizes the huge problem in our labor markets that many Americans working full time (year long) can no longer earn enough to provide a basic standard of living for themselves and their families. Thus the working poor is a rapidly growing constituency.

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