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Golden Gate Bridge Tolls

The finance committee for the Golden Gate bridge made the decision to replace toll workers with automatic machines. -

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3 years 22 weeks ago

Food for Thought - Bring your ideas, and we'll bring the food!

All over the world and here in San Francisco, faster and more effective ways of connecting, learning and creating are being adopted. San Francisco is right in the center of this new revolution of creativity and productivity. Shouldn’t our city government be as creative and innovative as the rest of our city?

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Make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business in SF

San Francisco is full of innovation and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. But the bureaucratic process one has to go through to start a business in the city disincentivizes the creation of new businesses and the costs one incurs simply aren't feasible for a start-up with no revenue. 

Let's streamline the process and make it less expensive for small businesses to get off the ground so they can create the jobs we really need.  

Job Creation Ideas

Submit your idea to improve San Francisco!

While San Francisco’s economy is still much stronger than almost every other California city, it is scant consolation to the tens of thousands of San Franciscans out of work. Over the last year, unemployment is up more than 3% to a painful total of 9.2% of our workforce.

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Obstacles to More Jobs in San Francisco

Thank you to everyone in the jobs group for helping make the Reset San Francisco launch event such a success! We want to keep the discussion going online so that the ideas we began to touch upon during our discussion can further develop, perhaps into actionable solutions.

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Tourism Spending

Good news: Tourism is up on the rise. Bad news: the revenue generated remains flat, which means a more crowded city with no additional benefit. Tourists (mainly European) are becoming smarter, and spending less from hotels to meals. While tourist is up for international conferences, cruises near SF are down. What's worse is staff is being cut down as well.

How do we encourage tourists to spend more?

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Jobs Now

Jobs Now seems to be a critically important piece in ensuring that employ thousands of workers now, but it's in jeopardy!

"Funding for the program, which pays wages if companies, local governments or nonprofits hire unemployed people with families, is set to expire at the end of the month. That threatens to return thousands of workers to the unemployment roles amidst a staggering economy.

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Discriminated vs. Disadvantaged

There has been much speculation as whether to devote money to historically discriminated people of Southeast San Francisco or to devote that money to training union members as they will soon find themselves out of jobs (as the green movement picks up) into the developing green section.

The Brightline Defense Project hopes to partner with "low- income communities of color, limited English speakers, and the formerly incarcerated" to reflect the diversity of San Francisco.

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