How do I file a complaint about MUNI?

You can file a complaint about MUNI online through the SFMTA website – which then takes you to SF311, the customer service support for the city and county of San Francisco. The site requires you to select the type of complaint you are filing, and the categories are as follows:

What are the hours of the Clipper Card Customer Center kiosk?

The Bay Crossings store in the Ferry Building is open from 6:45 AM – 7 PM Monday through Saturday and from 9 AM – 5 PM on Sunday.

The Clipper kiosk in the Embarcadero BART/MUNI station is open from 5:45 AM – 7 PM Monday through Friday and is closed on the weekends.


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How can I plan a trip on San Francisco public transit?

Trying to get from the Financial District out to the Sunset but unsure what MUNI bus line to take? We’ve looked into the SFMTA Trip Planner, which can help you figure out exactly which line you want. The SFMTA works with 511 Bay Area to support a feature called Trip Planner, which allows you to find the best way to commute around our city with public transportation.

Who administers Clipper Card?

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) oversees Clipper Card administration and services. The MTC was created in the California legislature in 1970 and manages the transportation systems in the nine-county Bay Area. For more information on the MTC’s functions and responsibilites, visit the MTC website.


Where can I find a MUNI bus schedule?

MUNI bus schedules are available on 511.org or on the SFMTA website. You can look up the schedule for a specific bus line, or you can use the Trip Planner feature to find the best route via public transportation between your starting and ending destination.

When was the Clipper Card launched?

When the Clipper Card first launched in June 2010, there was more than a little controversy around how the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) implemented the new program. The intention of the Clipper Card was to consolidate Bay Area transportation by combining the payment method for six participating transit systems.

How many people use Clipper Card?

A press release from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in February 2011 reported that there are over 625,000 active Clipper cards in circulation around the Bay Area. There are about 374,000 Clipper Card tags every workday.


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