Tax Reductions and all Municipal Salary Reductions..

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It would be better to reduce any and all taxes and Municipal Salaries at this period in time. Why? Our National Economy can easily be the poster child for what will eventually hit the majority of the Tax Paying Public of San Francisco County. There is no doubt with the recently acquired federal debt that national inflation is around the corner. In San Francisco, there is presently a pocket of many who are presently effluent in the private sector - which in fact is unlike the rest of our Nation presently no longer exists. In addition to the reduction of all taxes and City and County Salaries, I would suggest a reduction of at least 15 to 20%% of all salaried City and County Employees - and that includes our elected officials.. Yes, I agree, this will create both anger and pain as no doubt promises, Union Contracts have been made for the financial integrity of all City and County Employees and then as well as all Elected Officials and Law Makers. But then again, think about stability and future of the City and County of San Francisco's Reset for constructive and beneficial change. No? 

Paid for by Phil Ting for Assembly 2012. FPPC ID# 1343137