Base year incorrect due to obvious assessor office mistake and now they want $60 to appeal!

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I just received my notification of 2011-2012 assessed value.  The 2011-2012 Factored Proposition 13 Base Year Value is obviously incorrect as the amount listed is 8.4% higher than what my wife and i paid for our house on the open market in May 2010. 
This is obviously a mistake by the assessor's office as they have not carried through the sales information that came with a change of ownership onto the tax rolls.
However, now they want me to send them a $60 check to "appeal" their own mistake!!!  This adds insult to injury.

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Market Value vs. Sales Price

Hi Derek,
When we assess your base year value, we are trying to determine the true market value of the property.  Most times, sales price is an accurate reflection of market value.  Lately, we have noticed that foreclosure and short sales have not been accurate reflections of market value so some of those sales have a higher assessment than sales prices.  Market value is primarily based on the sales of other similar homes in your neighborhood.  We can share with you the comparable properties we used to value your home.
We're happy to review a bank appraisal or any other information you have.  Feel free to email me at and please copy

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