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Mr. Ting - 

Shouldn't one of your "Discuss The Issues" categories be "Reforming Government Employee Pensions"? This is one of the hotest topics in the country right now. As a leading candidate for SF mayor, I want to know where you stand and I want to see if you have the stregnth to actually take a stand or will you side step the issue?

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California and San Francisco Pension Reform

Here's an interesting article on this important issue: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/nov05election/detail?entry_id=83773&tsp=1 Definitely going to play a large roll in city and state politics in the coming months. I think the first step is having employees and employers both pitch in to pension funds to off-set the cost to the state/cities. Very contentious issue, to say the least but one that needs to be dealt with soon so we don't turn into wisconsin.

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