This Falls Hotel Tax Reform Measure

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Does it make sense in this economy to raise taxes? Are our taxes too low in San Francisco, are they not spread around enough or directed at the right industry?

Raising taxes on our hotel industry by 2%, like we will be asked in some of our ballot measures, sounds like a good idea, until you learn that our taxes would be the highest in the nation. The money raised from Prop J is meant to fund more health and human services? This tax is only temporary, but I can tell you, as will any economist that studies San Francisco's economy,  too much of our economy is based on tourism and if we jeopardize this funding stream there will be less tax available for these and other kinds of services anyway - if occupancy goes down, hotel tax revenue goes down.

We should be encouraging job growth, not discouraging it. Our leaders need to be focusing monies on job and employment opportunities. If this tax money (expected at 34 million a year) was meant to give companies hiring credits or salary help for every employee hired, I would be for it, but its only meant to support our welfare system, that is already extremely well funded.

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