Families will leave CA without tax reform

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I was born and raised in California, but won't be able to give my child the same opportunities I had without tax reform, like closing the Prop 13 loophole.  California public schools gave me a great education and allowed me to attend a prestigious east coast university.  But my son won't have the same opportunities if California public schools continue to spiral downward with each successive budget cut.  Art, music, GATE, AP and other programs are all being cut.  My husband and I are faced with the choice of either paying for an expensive private school, or someday fleeing California for a place with better public schools and other services that are funded by a healthy tax base.  Let's reform Prop 13 now so that all California families can give their kids a great future here.   

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Amiee I couldn't agree more, closing the Prop 13 loophole is a start for improving our schools and breathing in new life to slowly disappearing but direly needed programs.  

The irony in you fleeing the state is that when your daughter get's ready to apply for colleges she'll have a higher chance of being accepted into the U.C. system if she's an out of state student.  Silver lining?

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