More Commercial Tax!

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A 400 year addiction to "progress" due to capitalism is destroying the planet. Large corporations are the driving force behind climate change, resource depletion, etc. There's no easy answer to this problem, and I know raising corporate taxes drives them away, but let's at least tax them more and put that money into clean energy / resource management to try to curb the end of the human race...?

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Carbon Tax?

Perhaps, we can institute a carbon tax in San Francisco and transfer that money to programs that will reduce the carbon emissions or would help to fund projects for carbon sequestration.  Maybe we can have the carbon tax fund Muni and other public transportation systems regionally.

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You want to be taxed more?

Wow, you people that ask to be taxed more are incredible! Do you even have a job? If so have you ever looked at your weekly paycheck and see all the money that has been taken from you by the government?


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