Possible Medical Cannabis Tax

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This is not only a bad idea, it reeks of discrimination. I read an article today that stated Mr. Ting "might be" in favor of taxing Medical Cannabis as a way to get San Fransico out of debt. I happen to be a MC patient that can't afford my medicine as it is. These taxes would be paid by us, the patient.

First of all, why cannabis and not the thousands of other medications being sold in this city every day? Second of all, no candidate would ever dare suggest assessing a tax on chemotherapy drugs or psychiatric drugs. They would be considered heartless for going after sick people.

Asking medical cannabis users to pay a tax on their medicine, without asking for tax on ALL medications is horrible discrimination. For some reason everyone thinks that climbing out of debt on the backs of cannabis patients is OK, the answer to all that ails you. After paying my rent and utility bills every month, ALL of the rest of my money goes to medicine and I still go without for days. Where do you suggest I get this extra money for the proposed tax? Should I just use even less of my medicine and spend more days unable to get out of bed and unable to work? I am shocked that a city like this, with such a rich history of supporting it's less fortunate is considering climbing over them now instead to save themselves.

I have the exact same medical condition as Irv Rosenfeld, who happens to get his medical cannabis supplied to him every month by the federal government. Why should I not only still face federal prosecution for using my medicine but also have to be taxed on my risk of jail time? Like the article I read asked, "Mr. Ting, what are you smoking?"

I don't have any quick answers about where to get the money to help the city but taking advantage of sick people is not the way to do it. These dispensaries are already acting as for profit businesses yet will use their non profit status to pass this tax on to the patient. So before you all jump on the tax cannabis ("punish the sick") bandwagon, think about what you are actually asking for...

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