PPIC Poll Shows Support for Raising Taxes on the Wealthiest Californians

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New PPIC poll shows support for raising taxes on the wealthiest Californians but not much else.


Education is still a major priority but more than three out of four Californians had no idea we are close the bottom of per pupil spending.

Gov's tax extensions has some support but not enough to probably win at the ballot.

Hear from PPIC here:


You can read the poll here


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Raising Taxes on The Rich Benefits us all

According to the article posted above 0ver 65% of of Californians support the idea of raising taxes on people with incomes over 500,000 dollars a year. I fully support this for two reasons. One, the richest among us have to know that properly educating the citizenry and taking care of the poorest people in our society is in their best interests. San Francisco has a huge homeless population and if not taken care of with at least the bare essentials, what will they do to survive? Whatever it takes. Education is crucial to the future of San Francisco, let alone the country. An educated citizenry is crucial to a real democracy. For our society to be better or population must be better educated. Uneducated people are muc hmore likely to go to prison and become a drain on our society. It is in the the best interests of everyone to better fund our government so they can provide better social services and education. Secondly, the richest 1% own more wealth than the bottom 95% combined. The bottom 95% buys the products that the top 1% make. They need the bottom to stay on top. IF you keep destroying the middle class and letting the poor get poorer who will hold the ladder on which you stand?


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