What If You Don't Support a Potential June 2011 ballot measure

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Sen Mark Leno asked the Legislative Analyst Office to put forward proposed spending cuts if the potential June 2011 ballot measures do not pass and are unable to maintain revenues for CA. 

Read the Chron article to see the biggest cuts


No surprise, but education and social services would be drastically cut.  I toured a school today and in a worse case scenario they would be looking at over $300 in cuts per student.

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Budget deficit means tough choices

What an unfortunate mess we have on our hands. The choice between doing nothing and burying ourselves and our children under debt, cutting billions from valuable programs or raising taxes when unemployment is still high and people are still recovering from the recession. It's just picking the lesser of the evils at this point. Extending the tax increases is really a must at this point. How can we look our children in the face knowing we rejected tax increases and instead opted to cut even MORE from their education? I'm not even looking at the proposed increases as "raising taxes" necessarily - I'm looking at them as an opportunity to re-invest in California's future. Governor Brown has - in my opinion - done a really outstanding job thus far prepraing us to come back from our budget deficit. He deserves our help and if that's in the form of tax increases for 5 years, well then I'm on board. We all need to come together to fix this mess and I for one just can't stand the thought of taking another dollar away from schools.

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