Sign the Petition Against Tax Breaks for Twitter to Stay in San Francisco

No Tax Breaks for Twitter in San Francisco

City Hall is now considering a plan for a Mid-Market District tax break – with our elected officials being upfront that Twitter is the main target of the new tax incentive. The company, which now employs about 300 people in San Francisco, says they are considering moving to Brisbane if they can’t find larger space.

Some of our Reset SF community members say the city should not give a tax break to a company that was just valued at $10 billion. Others think this makes perfect sense to help attract a growing company to a now marginal neighborhood. They think the plan will help create jobs and transform the neighborhood to benefit the entire city.

Sign the petition below if you think the city should not give Twitter – a company valued at $10 billion – a tax break. And please  this on Facebook!

Stay tuned to find out which of our petitions wins.

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