From Tenderlion to New Haven District

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I know i'm asking for a lot here with what I am about to say and I am sure there many advocates who would rail against my ideas.  But I have always felt that the Tenderloin district should be redeveloped into a west coast version of NYC's Soho catering too and if not specifically for young professional and an extension for tourism.  All reports suggest that SF is one of the top cities for singles and young professionals. And we all know that without Tourism SF has lost much of the city's revenue.  And amidst Union Square, the Financial District, and the emerging SOMA you would think this area would be at the top of the list to for a makeover. 

Yet what we still see is rampant drug dealing, prostitution, and extreme concerns with the homeless that has moved far beyond a warm blanket, some shelter, and a cup of soup. 

So I have always envisioned the Tenderloin renamed into something close to the New Haven District or something that would help to change it's image along with targeted mixed-use development that could help attract more revenue to the city and forever change this blighted eyesore.

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New Haven District?

A few questions:

Isn't it also true that poverty from corners in the City has been pushed into the Tenderloin?  Then where do you envision they would go after redevelopment? 

Also, where does the name, New Haven District, come from?

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