25 cent surcharge for Clipper

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Did you know you were being charged 25 cents extra for using a Clipper Card?  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/09/21/BAT21FGU6E.DTL

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Not a big surprise...

Wow. And they've just spent $30 million on broken fare gates. So not only is MUNI wasting money, but they're also robbing you blind. Not a big surprise I suppose.


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And more

Went to load a BART pass on my Clipper card this AM. They said they only sell high ticket (Blue Cards) on the old paper cards. Can't use them on Clipper, and the person I spoke with said she didn't think that would be offered in the future either.

Seems like if they wanted people to use the Clipper they wouldn't make it harder and more expensive to do so.

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Translink vs Clipper

I used my old Translink card tpday which still works and they only charged me $2 and I never have to refill it because they have my credit card on-line similar to my FastPass.  Why does Clipper work differently?  And why do you have keep refilling the card?  Shouldn't you be able to get a monthly fast pass sent to you or money automatically loaded on your card.  Why do you have stand in line to fill the Clipper card up - how is that any different than the paper ticket?

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Educate yourself before complaining.

Phil, you may have just lost my vote for ignorant pandering. "To avert the surcharge, riders can get a permanent Clipper card. The universal fare cards are being distributed for free through June to get people to participate in the new system." Even after June, if you set up autoload it'll be free, assuming they set up the charges the same as the old TransLink system.

You can set up autoload on your Clipper card at https://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/getTranslinkRegisterForAutoload.do. But if you have a TransLink card, there's no reason to get a Clipper card at all (https://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/aboutClipper.do). They're the same system, just with different branding.

ericjaye, you _can_ get a BART high-value ticket on your Clipper card, just not at the ticket machine. Go to https://www.clippercard.com/ClipperWeb/getTranslinkAddValueOnline.do and you'll see "BART High Value Discount HVD Ticket (Autoload only. Click here to go back and set up Autoload. ...)".

Clipper's documentation is terrible, but the system itself is designed pretty well.

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It is still a surcharge

It is still a surcharge of 25 cents for the occasional rider. That's tourists (our number one industry), the bridge and tunnel crowd (who we want to get out of their cars) and many folks who only use transit occasionally (who we want to encourage to use transit more).

We need to make it cheaper and easier to ride MUNI - not slap on another surcharge for the buying a ticket. This actually reminds me of the airlines starting to charge for baggage etc. Buying a ticket shouldn't cost you extra.

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Went online to try it

Thanks for the direction to the site. 

Went online to load the high-value pass. See that requires registering the Clipper Card. Did that - but auto reply from Clipper lets me know that will take up to 72 hours.

So - I have now spent nearly an hour trying to buy a pass that used to take me a minute to purchase at a station. I totally understand that technology transitions take time - but this just seems like one more "customer unfriendly" response from the SF transit establishment. The goal should be to make it easier on riders to take transit. And a complicated 3-day process to buy a pass (which requires some tech-savvy) just doesn't make it easier to choose public transit.

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Thanks for information

Not trying to pander - just asking the question.  As you can see from the fact that I have a Translink card which is the earlier version of the Clipper card, I would everyone to have a Translink or Clipper card.  I am concerned about hidden costs which may not be apparent to the rider.  Currently, I have Translink deduct money from my credit card and use the card everytime I ride MUNI.  I haven't looked at my statement in a long time, so I was unaware there might be a surcharge.  Thanks for the clarification.  I hope everyone gets a permanent Clipper card.

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