And the noise from the recorded messages

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After the fare-hike and service cut, the MUNI subjects riders to this NOISE "After Sept 4 .... service change. Bahbahbah.....  I think they are there to cover the real issues.  Nobody is paying attention to the message except that the noise is bothering me; maybe some other also.  

1. Message about yielding seat to senior.  There are signs all over near the front seats. Nobody cares

2. Message about service cut / service restore.   Please shut up. We know all about that.  There is a limit of adding insult to injure.

3. Message about report graffiti by TEXT-ing..   Does that work?  How many reports have they received so far? And when they did get a report, what are they doing?  (I once saw a driver stopped the bus (kind of empty bus) run to the back of the bus, and told the tagger to leave the bus).   Last time i was in New York city, i did not notice many graffiti inside the buses/trains.  What is New York city doing about the graffiti that San Franciso can not do?

4.  Message about proof of payment.  Seem to me that they are cover their legal ground such that cheater can defend himself that he does not aware that one has to pay to ride the bus.  

In short, all these recorded messages are dumb. Or is MUNI tried to numb our sense of hearing firstly and later numb our sense of reasoing?   







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