Anyone notice this about the new gates?

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This group has already talked about the new MUNI fare gate debacle - $30 million spent for Metro station gates that are not secure.

But has anyone noticed another problem with them - that they are really, really slow to open? I had the experience of being slowed down walking through them the first time I went through. This morning I watched others go through and most people were seeming to have the same experience. 

Why do they open so slowly? 

Is there a fix?

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Super slow

They are super slow! The Examiner had an article just yesterday about how slow they are and how it was causing lines to form. here is a link.

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MUNI Worker Told Me


I asked a MUNI worker at Montgomery Stations (who was stationed to watch the gates) why they were so slow. He said he had heard many complaints but that MUNI had set them that way on purpose - a purpose they had not explained to the staff. Feels like it is time for a Reset SF investigation.

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