Auto transportation issues anyone?

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Am I the only one that finds it strange that we are not including topics on road condition, parking, traffic congestion in the description of this section or anywhere else on the site?  IMO it's an area that needs no less improvement than MUNI or BART, and it's been completely neglected in many neighboorhoods.

Don't get me wrong, public transportation issues are very important, but private cars are transportation as well, and still the _primary _ mode thereof for (the majority?) of SF's residents.

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Check out

Check out for the coolest innovation in parking management in a long while. It's intended to use prices to make sure parking spaces are always available, but that most of the available parking is actually used. They also plan to tell drivers (via smart phones, text messages, and dynamic road signs) where the nearest free space is, so that drivers don't have to circle for as long, which should reduce congestion.

Congestion charging a'la London would be another natural way to reduce congestion downtown.

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