BART's Surplus Budget

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Anyone catch this article?

It’s on BART’s $4.5 million surplus, and what riders think would be the best use of the extra money. I agree that a short-term fee decrease is not a good use—my top priority would be to extend hours past midnight, especially on weekends. I’ve had to cut good times short to catch the midnight train too often! Secondly, let’s clean up the cars a bit more.

The fee decrease would be 3% for 4 months… so instead of paying my $5 to get across the Bay I’m paying $4.85. I know things add up over time but I’d really rather pay the 15 cents and extend services.

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No tricks

Take BART every day - and the last thing I want is a trick rebate. Clean the cars. Clean the stations. Hold it for a rainy day. I really don't like the trick of a temp. rebate.

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I agree. Bart shouldn't lose

I agree. Bart shouldn't lose money intentionally just because they have a surplus. I think holding it for a rainy day is the best idea, since most people (I think) are satisfied with Bart's current performance and there are little changes Bart can acutally make with just $4.5m. 

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  Instead of just


Instead of just cleaning seats, perhaps Bart could also use the surplus to change from the cushioned-type seating to something easier to keep clean and maintain, such as plastic. That should be able to fix the smell problem in some of the cars as well.

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I agree, BART should not

I agree, BART should not lower fares temporarily, they should use the money to operate after midnight. I run into the same issue when in the city late at night. It often prevents me from coming into the city altogether, knowing that I will be forced to take a cab home. 

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