Bringing Muni up to Standard

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As a long time transit advocate, it's hard to knock a rail project.  But the Central Subway just won't do what its sponsors claim it will do.  The line is too short, cuts off too many people and misses too many important stops.  As a result, many would-be riders, after the first rush, will return to using buses. 

As most San Franciscans know, Muni has dozens of long-neglected needs.  Virtually every one of its 70 existing routes needs attention.  Plus it needs a new Central Control and its Muni Metro subway needs substantially more peak period capacity.  These problems can be addressed but it will take money.

If the hundreds of millions of dollars in State and local funds that are currently earmarked for the Central Subway boondoggle were diverted to solving some of Muni's real problems, 700,000 daily Muni riders and 60,000 small San Francisco businesses would benefit greatly. 

To cite just one example of how Central Subway funds could be better used, for a tiny fraction of the money currently set aside for the project, the SFMTA could clean up the Stockton Street transit mess, to the point where the Muni's 9x, 30 and 45 buses could be flowing smoothly and expeditiously in 12  to 18 months.

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How to make an issue more complicated

Improving transportation in SF is a lot like raising a child.  Make reasonable rules and then stick to them.  This is something our current mayor, whom I like personally, and most all City politicians, and, while people reading this may be offended, most City residents are incapable of doing.  It's often a wonder to me that things work as well as they do with so little follow-through.  Simply make intelligent rules for MUNI and then rigorously and fairly enforce them.  Have random inspections; force all politicians to use MUNI for certain periods of the year; respect the union but stop playing paddy-cake with it when workers violate rules; fire repeat offenders; ban bus-flotillas on the same line; and most importantly roll-back fares and tie future increases to rider-voted improvements in service.  San Franciscans have to stop being the children in the transportation relationship and start taking on the responsibilities of adulthood.

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yes sire "all politicians to use MUNI"

  • i agree with you that all politicians should use MUNI for certain periods, not just for publicity, espicially Mr Ford (but than he is not politician, so he will not be subject to this rule.)

Änd i agree with you that  there are "simply ntelligent rules from MUNI".  Have you seen the sign stuck to the rear-door about "must board from the front" - is that intelligent?

When there is this rule

1. Move to the back of the bus

2. Yield front seet to seniors / disable person

And the bus is very packed, and the driver refuses to open the front door (i happened to me) .   One has to board from the rear-door.   Most of the people who board from the rear-door have a fast-pass anyway.  So there is a tiny percentage of fare-cheaters, will that cause the MUNI to break their BANK?

It is MUNI who is treating us the riders like children by subjecting us to these meaningless recorded messages.  The noise from those recorded messages is loud; so everybody has to talk in a louder voices.







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