Cabs and credit cards

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I've been pleasantly surprised to see that most cabs in the city take credit cards now. I spoke to a cab driver recently and he said he thinks something like 95% of cabs in SF take credit cards. When MUNI or BART (and their deficiencies) are not viable options, taking cabs is really easy especially knowing they accept plastic unlike other places.

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Yeah, that's one of the nice

Yeah, that's one of the nice things about San Francisco. Cabs are pretty cheap, and they take credit cards, and added bonus. It only costs about 15 dollars to go from downtown all the way to ocean beach. That's pretty darn good in my book.

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In many other cities, including Berkeley, it is extremely difficult to find a cab that accepts credit cards. Its been great to be able to still  get around when MUNI isn't an option. 

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More technology needed

Ours may take credit cards - but they are behind in so much technology. In many cities around the world you can hail a cab on your smart phone - GPS is used to send the nearest free cab. A great taxi service is not a luxury for a city. It will take cars off the street.

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luxor cabs has a feature

luxor cabs has a feature where you can text their shortcode number with the intersection you are at and they will send a cab to you. 


And I don't think a great taxi service would deter drivers from driving. taxis will always be more expensive than driving a personal vehicle. Why would someone take a taxi to work when they could drive and buy a parking spot for less?

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