Charging Drivers More? Demand More From MUNI!

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According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle, another increase in residential parking permit fees could be coming our way. And while the increase being considered is only reported to be an extra $2 per year, if passed, it will mean that the charge for residential parking permits has increased by 67% over three years.  That seems pretty steep!  But if MUNI could increase their quality of service, increasing fees for driving and parking wouldn’t be as tough a sell.

With a giant hole in city and state coffers, charging more to encourage people to drive less seems like a good idea.  But in San Francisco it serves as yet another reminder that MUNI is failing us. If people are to be convinced to leave their cars in exchange for buses, trains and public transportation options, we need to provide options that are safe, reliable and affordable. When it comes to MUNI it seems like their approach is, “well two outa three ain’t bad.” 

MUNI fares may be affordable but the reliability of service has long been questioned and recent events where trains have been caught running at high-speeds with their doors wide open certainly don’t ease fears about safety.  To make matters worse the agency recently admitted to spending $100,000 of taxpayer money to help them with public relations.

One of the core reasons behind residential parking fees and permits in San Francisco is to encourage the use of more public transportation.  If only we could somehow convince MUNI that the public transportation they are currently providing doesn’t meet the criteria. 

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